The Big Start Season 4 Finalists

June 17, 2013 / by / 0 Comment

Three contenders have progressed to the final round of The Big Start Student Entrepreneur Competition Season 4 and will compete for a chance to launch their dream company.

The finalists have been competing in different stages in The Big Start since the start of the competition in mid-February 2013. The contenders have been narrowed down from an initial 289 applications that were received and proven themselves to all be a potential winner of this season.

The finalists are: Nikhil Pradhan (BITS Pilani Dubai) with his business idea of a global internet service applicable to anyone looking to continue education; Ahmad Tarabishi (American University of Sharjah) whose idea is to compete in the retail market by introducing a new brand of clothing with an Arabian theme; and Yacine Daoud (American University in Dubai) with his idea of a tailored web platform for students and professors. The finalists are a mix of nationalities, with heritage from India, Syria and France.

The shortlisted contenders are now in for the final stage in the competition and will present their business idea to the Chairman of Al Tamimi Investments (ATI), Essam Al Tamimi, who will make the final decision on which business idea ATI will back.

The CEO of Al Tamimi Investments, Rachael Wunsch, comments on the choice of finalists: “The three finalists have all proven professionalism, the right entrepreneurial spirit and the fact that their business idea is feasible to make it into a profitable business. Whoever the winner will be, I’m sure all the finalists will be successful in their future professional life”.

The finalist have all the same goal; to make their business idea a reality.

Nikhil Pradhan gives his thoughts behind his business idea: “I’m directing my entire time, energy and effort at developing a product which benefits, compliments and improves student lives all around the world.”

Ahmad Tarabishi remarks: “The main idea came from The Big Start Competition, which encouraged me to think about something that is not available here in the UAE. Since I am a college student, I know that there is a strong demand in this part of the region in the fashion sector.”

Yacine Daoud adds about his goal in business is: “My professional goal is to be setting up my own business, preferably a business which benefits my community and take it over the top”.

The winner will be announced at The Big Start Awards Ceremony on the 2nd July, 2013, in Dubai, together with the Top 5 universities supporting entrepreneurship and going one step further to bridge the gap between academia and the real business world.