Who, and how can I sign up to the Big Start?

Are you a final year postgraduate or undergraduate student from a UAE university aged thirty years or younger? Keen to participate in The Big Start with a chance to win full funding and support in making their business idea a startup company? You  have a chance to bring your business ideas to life right now!

We believe that there are students out there with amazing business start-up ideas, who deserve to be encouraged and motivated to take the next step. We’re looking for these students – their business ideas can be in any category – and we’ll choose the most commercially viable business plan(s) to invest in.

Every successful business starts with five key elements: a good idea; a robust business plan; a committed start-up support team; sufficient funding; and a strong desire to succeed. At this point you have the good idea and the desire to succeed – we’ll provide the tools to translate your good idea into a robust business plan and if we believe that your plan has what it takes, we’ll provide the final two elements, an expert start-up support team, and the funding.

What’s in it for me?

The successful student(s) will become engaged with Al Tamimi Investments and will be nurtured and mentored throughout the business start-up phase by an experienced team from Al Tamimi Investments. When the business goes live, the successful student(s) will hold the CEO position and an agreed structured shareholding in the company. Our development team will also take care of the legalities such as trade licenses and visas to get your feet off the ground. Not only that, you will have all our inhouse strategic teams at your disposal. These include the marketing department, finance department, PRO department, business development and strategic department as well as your analytical and admin teams to support you and help turn your vision into a reality.

Interested? Here’s how it works!

The competition consists of three rounds: the submission of your idea, the business plan workshop, and finally, the selection of the winner.

Step 1: Register online to submit your out-of-this-world idea

Once registered, you will need to submit your idea through our simple online Business Summary form.

Step 2: Tell us your out-of-this-world idea

The application is only available in English and hence needs to be completed in English. You may save the online Business Summary as many times as necessary to complete it. The deadline for submitting your application is April 7, 2013 at 23.59, UTC/GMT +4.

Step 3: A jury will decide your fate

From here on, the competition will be in the hands of the jury. They will grade the submissions for commercial viability. The Business Summaries that receive the highest grade will progress to Round 2. Winners of this round will be announced 1n April 2013 via email and their names will be posted on the Big Start Website.

Step 4: Attend our business plan workshops and one on one sessions

Winners of the previous round will be invited to attend a 1-day business plan workshop in April in Dubai which will equip you for the translation of your business summary into a formal business plan. You will be given the opportunity to ask questions and receive feedback from high profile entrepreneurs, industry consultants, mentors and CEOs. Then, winners will be invited to a One on One session with the Al Tamimi Investments team to further refine their idea. This will specifically include the strategic, financial, and marketing consultation of your business plan. Once completed, documents should be uploaded through the website. The deadline for submission of your Business Plan is May 19, 2013 at 23:59, UTC/GMT +4.

Step 6: Onwards to Round 3

The Business Plans that receive the highest grade will progress to Round 3 and winners will be announced in June, 2013 via email and their names will be posted on the Big Start Website.

Step 7: Pitch your idea and business plan to Al Tamimi Investments senior management

This is the home stretch of the competition and your opportunity to shine by delivering oral presentations of your business plan. To prepare you for this, you will be invited to a meeting in Dubai with the team from Al Tamimi Investments and given instructions on how to prepare and develop your business presentation. After this, you will be given a date to make your formal presentation to Al Tamimi Investments senior management.

Step 8: And the winner is….

The winners of Round 3 will be announced in June, 2013 via email and their names will be posted on the Big Start Website, and these winners will give one more presentation to the Chairman of Al Tamimi Investments. The ultimate winning student(s) will be announced in a ceremony in Dubai in July 2013.

Does that sound simple enough? Great! Now let’s get registered…