how to become an entrepreneur

How to Become an Entrepreneur

April 30, 2014 /
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Voted as the one of the top business hubs in the world, Dubai calls for a change of work habits. Take a step towards self-improvement while keeping up with the city’s fast-paced economy using these five useful tips.

  1. Enjoy what you do

    In today’s world of competitiveness, it is important to feel passionate about your job and to fully commit it. A few wise words are to stay optimistic, believe in yourself and love what you do and you will thrive at anything you put your head to.
  2. Continue learning

    To succeed, one must never stop learning. Pick up a book, research something online, learn from your superiors or even enrol in courses to further your education as knowledge is the key to a prosperous career path.
  3. Work on problem areas

    Many people talk about their strengths and achievements but avoid to mention their problems. A vital point in overcoming your weaknesses is to recognise your areas of improvement by asking for assistance from colleagues, friends or family members.
  4. Take calculated risks

    Don’t spend your time thinking about failure as life is too short and one day you may regret not taking a chance on something you feel very passionate about. Nevertheless, this does not imply that you take any sort of risks but rather calculate their potential success rate.
  5. Value your team’s input

    It is important to recognise your team’s contribution as this has surely helped lead to your success. Pat your colleagues on the back and let them know that their hard work is highly appreciated. A company outing is always a good way to reward the department.