BITS Pilani’s Student-Run

BITS Pilani’s Student-Run

 Putting in the 16th edition of its, Conquest has effectively become among India’s top Startup Accelerator, allowing more than thousand startups to succeed each year. Assimilating learnings from many revamped experiences and models from the environment, supported by Accel, Conquest 2020 is going to be split into three phases. It is going to commence with Multi city mentoring periods in Delhi, Bangalore, and Mumbai.


Conquest will additionally continue to offer the top fifteen most enjoyable startups of India with very energetic 6 week lengthy online mentorship from several of the greatest field and entrepreneurs professionals out there.



Year that is last, Venture Catalyst had pledged twenty Cr for each startup which registered for Conquest, and they met the criteria of theirs of investment.


Among our recent finalists, Trell, nurtured four dolars million and it is currently estimated at nineteen dolars million. XWards, yet another finalist, has obtained eight crores of funding just recently.


“While creating Conquest, we needed to give anyone with the enthusiasm to produce solutions and develop huge businesses a platform to develop.


Overview of Conquest 2020


Conquest aims to create a platform aimed to take together most stakeholders from the environment and create an effect with its utmost capacity.




Each morning is an enormous leap ahead for all the founders with buy workshops, fundraising pitches, marketing with profitable founders as well as far more.


Whether you are needing assistance in obtaining your first hundred customers and in developing the ideal UI for the app of yours, Conquest Academy guarantees you do not need to search through a lot of international resources.

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