Aditi Sen
11 Feb

Aditi Sen, The Big Start season 3 winner joins ATI

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The Big Start’s Season 3 winner, Aditi Sen, graduated from SP Jain School of Global Management is in the initial stages of setting up her business in conjunction with Al Tamimi Investments (ATI). Her business concept is to provide animal-assisted therapy for ill patients, as well as providing educational interaction with children. She explains her idea behind PetLove as “an idea to work with animals for human wellness and spreading love and affection for enhancing quality of lives of people in Dubai.” Today marks her first month in the company, and we managed to sneak a few minutes out of her busy schedule to get a quick interview.

The Big Start: Tell us how you came about the idea of PetLove?

Aditi Sen: I’ve always been interested in social enterprise and I found the idea of animal wellness intriguing. I found that Dubai, as any newly developed city,  played heavily on the materialistic aspect of human behaviour, but not so much on the psychological well being of its citizens and expats. Since Dubai and the rest of the UAE is a hub for expats who are usually disconnected from the rest of their family, there is a higher chance of depression in individuals. We needed a sustainable and holistic solution which will help  nurture children with learning disabilities and depression. That’s how the idea of Pet Love was born. I would like PetLove to contribute to a harmonious community.

TBS: How long were you studying in Dubai before you entered The Big Start?

AS: I studied 6 months in the UAE, which I think gave me an advantage to look at the country through a fresh pair of eyes. I could objectively look at the needs of the culture.

TBS: How are you finding running your own business now after winning Season 3 of The Big Start?

AS: I’m clueless! But I’ve been told that that’s normal. I am thankful that I have the backing of some experienced individuals though. It’s lots of fun working here, and the marketing department is great!

TBS: What would you say is the scariest part of the entire Big Start experience for you?

AS: I think the worst thing for me was the pitch.  I was rather skeptical about my idea at first because I thought I had the least commercially viable idea out of all the contestants. I soon learned though, through the support I received from The Big Start Team, that it was actually very easy to identify a revenue stream for the project.

TBS: What was the most fun you’ve had during the entire competition?

AS: The Business Development Workshop was very entertaining. Yahya (Season 1 winner) and Arpit (New Venture Analyst) performed a hilarious skit for us about the perils of business. We also had group exercises which helped me get to know the other contestants.

TBS: What advice would you give to future participants of The Big Start?

AS: Don’t let your degree limit you. I came from an engineering background and now I have an animal assisted holistic therapy business. The Big Start is a great competition that gives you hands on business experience and the chance to start off big early in your career. Believe in your idea and reach out to people. That is a guaranteed road to success.